Commercial Kitchen Skewers

You cannot make shish kabob without a good set of skewers, and Burkett has a skewer selection ranging from bamboo to stainless steel and from 8-12 inches. Some of our skewers are constructed of metal and can be easily cleaned and reused. Some of our shorter skewers can also be used to hold wings and legs together on a roasting turkey or other fowl. Metal skewers are primarily design for back of the house use as they are 100% reusable. Use the large skewers to grill a vegetarian (or carnivorous) satay in the commercial kitchen and then remove and serve to the customers properly garnished and displayed without the skewers. Of course, half the fun of shish kabob is pulling the meat right off the skewer as you eat it. For serving kabobs right on the skewer to patrons, use disposable bamboo skewers. These skewers do just as well on a charbroiler as the metal skewers will, but are designed to be tossed after one use. Customers will love the fun of pulling meat and vegetables off the skewer and popping it right into their mouth, employees will love the ease of scrapping the skewers after the meal is over.