Utility Scoops

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Foodservice scoops come in varying sizes and shapes, so decide what is right for your business and stock up on plenty, since this is the kind of baking supply item you can never have too few of. Scoops can be used in many areas of the commercial kitchen from ingredient bins to ice buckets.

In the commercial bakery, scoops are generally used for scooping out dry ingredients from a bin or tote. For this task, you can usually use either metal or plastic scoops, but check with your local health authorities to be sure. Scoops are ideal for commercial bakers portioning out large amounts of ingredients at a time. For instance, baking a batch of cookies for a bakery may require ten pounds of flour, not the two cups of flour a home baking enthusiast would expect.

When it comes to this essential tool, remember not to leave the scoop out on the counter or work space, always place it back in the bin. This will cause unwanted cross-contamination. When not using a scoop, place it in the bin or in a holster and keep your ingredients clean and contained.

This essential baking supply tool is available in metal or plastic to suit the needs of a commercial restaurant or kitchen, we offer scoops in up to 24-ounce capacity for large scale baking needs, or under 5 ounce capacity scoops for spices and other ingredients. Increase your kitchen’s efficiency and produce goods that are consistently measured for a quality product every time.