Pot Handle Covers

Rather than acquiring a lot of large holders or mitts to protect your hands from hot pot handles, you can simply slip some small handle covers onto the pots. This is an ideal solution for establishments that are constantly losing their holders or will be leaving the pots at the guest’s table. Restaurants that bring sizzling skillets or platters out to the guest and leave them on the table can use handle covers to help protect the guest’s hands after the server leaves. If the cover will be left on the table, you will want to consider its color and design and get one that matches your restaurant’s décor. Also, the covers are available with different lengths and heat resistance levels. The length is important because the cover needs to encase the entire handle. It also has to be able to protect the server’s or guest’s hand from the heat. So, make sure the temperature resistance is at least as hot as the temperature at which the dish is prepared.