Pot Holders

A common occurrence in kitchens, both residential and commercial, is using a wadded up towel to handle hot pots. Another common occurrence is somebody using a damp or wet towel to move a hot pot around. The result is usually a burned hand. To avoid this, you should have a set of pot holders to properly insulate your employee’s hands. Pot holders not only save your hands from a burn, they also protect your counters and tabletops from scorch marks. The designs and colors can vary. Some of the more versatile ones will have a small pocket into which a person can slip their hand to protect both the palm and knuckles from burns. If the pot holder gets wet, it is important that it go into a dryer or be hung out to dry. The dampness will quickly absorb the heat of the pot and transfer it to the user’s hand, thus burning it like the aforementioned wet towel.