Server Gloves

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In contrast to regular kitchen gloves, which are made from rubber or latex, waiter gloves are made from either cotton or other blended textile material. Butlers, upscale restaurants and clean-freak kitchen managers will all need the appropriate sized gloves to perform their task. The classic look for upscale butlers and restaurant servers is a full, long tail tuxedo, complete with waiter gloves and pocket square. This look speaks of luxury and sophistication because the gloves are always white and clean, accenting the cleanliness of the establishment. In fact, these restaurants are often referred to as “white glove restaurants.” Another use for waiter gloves is for managers to give the establishment the “white glove treatment.” This is often a figure of speech to spur employees to be more diligent in their cleaning tasks. However, it may give a little extra incentive to actually pull out a white glove every now and then and run a finger over some kitchen surfaces to illustrate how clean or still dirty it truly is.