Pie Servers

Pie servers are uniquely designed to both cut and serve pie. The triangular blade fits neatly under the pie crust, ensuring that the entire piece makes it on to the plate without breaking in half or falling sideways. These servers come in a wide variety of options from plastic to metal blades with plastic, wooden or metal handles. To serve up the perfect slice of pie, be sure that you wait until the pie has fully cooled before slicing all the way into it. Slicing into a warm pie can cause the crust to crumble or break. Also, though it may be tempting, do not lick your fingers in between each slice. This is very unsanitary. Instead keep a clean, damp kitchen towel at the ready and wipe your hands on that in between slices.

Make sure you count out the right amount of slices before you slice, so that no one goes without. Use a marker to ensure evenly sized pieces. Once you have plated the pieces of pie, then you can rewarm each one of the pieces individually. Find out from each guest how they would like their slice of pie served. Pie is delicious when serving with a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream or a la mode, which is with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When serving a la mode, warm the pie first and then place the scoop right on top of the pie.