Fry Baskets

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Replace or upgrade your frying baskets to ensure your getting the best tasting foods.

Fryer baskets hold your foods before, during, and after the frying process. Baskets come with a front hinge, that allows users to lift the baskets fully out of the oil and safely sit them right above the cooking area for cooling. Doing this will also help get rid of any excess oil on foods.

Fryer baskets are available in either rectangular or circular designs. Basket sizes and depths vary so that you can find the right size to fit your deep fryers vat capacity. We also have a flat press design that can be placed atop rectangular baskets to ensure all products stay under the oil. Coated handles make these fryer baskets safe for operators to use all day.

With great brands like Gold Medal, Thunder Group, and Winco, we are sure you can find the right equipment to make your frying experience top notch.