Fryer Accessories

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Keep your fryer frying at optimal performance!

Fryer brushes and cleaning rods are designed specifically for reaching and cleaning the hard to reach spots in deep fryers. These items typically come standard with most commercial deep fryers, however, its always a safe idea to have multiple of these specialized cleaning utensils.

Joiner strips can help you join multiple deep fryers into one footprint. These joiner strips also allow you to move fryer baskets from one fryer to another without much mess being made as the joiners will catch most dripping oil.

Looking to replace your heating power head? Here we have a wide selection that will fit most commercial deep fryers.

It is important to clean your commercial deep fryer often. To help make this process quicker and easier, try a boil-out fryer cleaner puck. The "boiling-out" cleaning method should typically be done weekly or bi-weekly depending upon your fryer production levels.