Tray Slides

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Make loading and carrying plates or trays of food easier for your customers with one of these fantastic tray slides.

Tray slides are great for dining halls, cafeterias, and buffets, where you have lines of customers coming up to serving stations and building plates to take back to their seats. Tray slides and plate rests are going to make your customer's lives easier by allowing them to set down heavy plates or trays of food, taking stress and pressure off of their wrists and forearms.

Most of these tray slides and plate shelves are portable, allowing you to secure them with nearly any counter or serving surface. They can also be attached to cashier stations to allow customers the chance to safely put their plate or tray down while retrieving money to pay.

Most of these tray and plate counters are constructed of durable stainless steel to ensure they can handle high weights of tray or plates. They are also easy for kitchen staff to regularly clean and maintain.