Floral Merchandisers and Coolers

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Show off your floral arrangements and fresh cut flowers with a floral merchandiser and cooler.

Flower shops, grocery stores, and specialty shops use floral merchandisers to store and preserve the quality of fresh flowers. These units are designed specifically to display flowers. Specialty refrigeration systems for the best air flow, interior construction, and humidity level controls are carefully balanced in these glass door merchandiser refrigerators to extend the shelf life of floral arrangements.

Buying Considerations

  • Number of Sections - Determine the volume of your business to choose the right size floral merchandiser and cooler. To keep displays looking full and enticing, the refrigerator shouldn't be too big, but if it isn't big enough, flowers could look crowded and lose quality.
  • Door Type - Choose your door type based on the space available and personal preference. Most door options will be self-closing regardless if they're swing doors or sliding doors.

    • Swing doors - For reaching contents at the back of the unit, swing doors are the best option. Their handles can also be easier to grip for ease of access.
    • Sliding doors - These doors are perfect for operations where walkways may be crowded. They slide into the unit, which means you won't have to worry about blocking paths while stocking or as customers shop for the perfect floral arrangement.
  • Exterior - Floral merchandisers come with solid sides or four-sided glass designs. Choose the right option for your business based on what kind of visibility you're looking to provide. Glass sides allow customers to view arrangements from all sides. These units can be placed in a centralized location to draw attention to featured items. Solid sided options can be placed side by side along a wall to create a full wall display. A benefit of a solid sided floral merchandiser is that it is less likely to leak cool air than a glass sided model, which can help with lowering energy costs.
  • Interior - A feature that is unique to floral merchandisers is the option for a mirror back. These reflective interior panels make the space seem larger. Customers will also be able to see the back of floral arrangements. Check your unit's spec sheet to see if it has a mirror back design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floral Merchandisers & Coolers

Why should I use a floral merchandiser?

If your business sells fresh cut flowers regularly, you'll need to be able to store them. Flowers need to be held at a higher humidity than other products to keep them from wilting. In order to keep your flowers colorful and healthy looking until they're ready to be sold, you'll need a floral merchandiser. These specialty refrigerators hold temperatures around 35°F with 90% relative humidity for the best preservation.

Can I use a flower cooler to store other items?

Floral merchandisers should never be used to store food or beverage items. Not only is it a violation of health and food safety guidelines, since these merchandisers are not NSF rated, the high humidity can speed up the growth of harmful bacteria on food items.

How long will flowers stay fresh in a floral merchandiser?

The quality of cut flowers varies widely, but you can expect flowers to last around 5 days in the store after they're cut. Properly storing fresh flowers in the high humidity environment provided by a commercial floral cooler can greatly increase their shelf life.