Dish Dollies

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Dish dollies are carts that are able to hold and transport large stacks of clean dishes easily from the dishwasher to your serving station. Many dish carts feature specially sized compartments that are made to fit plates perfectly. The design of a dish caddy allows for easy removal of plates, even if you’re down to the last one in the stack. Dish carts are available in many different sizes, shapes, and colors so you can have the ideal caddy for any event or kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dish Dollies

How Much Can a Dish Dolly Hold?

A standard dish cart will have 4-6 compartments, each able to hold a stack of 40-60 plates. This varies by model, but typically you can store between 100-400 plates in a single dish dolly. This is the perfect option for moving large quantities of clean plates anywhere you need them to go.

What Is a Poker Chip Style Dish Caddy?

The “poker chip” design is a style of plate storage that allows you to reach into the cart with both hands to grab large stacks, while still minimizing storage space. This helps reduce breakage and makes it easier to grab and store dishes.