Drop-In Sinks

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Drop in sinks are sinks that can be installed into a cut-out in any countertop or worktop. While traditional sinks have a base with legs, drop-in sinks cannot stand on their own. These can save space by being placed in an existing workspace. You can find drop in sinks of all kinds, for any needs you have in your kitchen.

What Kinds of Drop in Sinks Are Available?

  • Hand Sinks - sinks with a shallower depth bowl made exclusively for hand washing
  • One Compartment Sinks - sinks with a single, deep compartment for pre-rinsing, washing produce, thawing frozen meats, and more
  • Two Compartment Sinks - similar to a one compartment sink but with a second compartment for further space and allow for multiple uses simultaneously
  • Three Compartment Sinks - the standard for warewashing that allows you to perform the three step method of wash, rinse, and sanitize that is required by most health departments