Mop Sinks

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A mop sink is ideal for just about any commercial establishment. Trying to fill and empty mop buckets in a traditional sink can be a difficult and messy task, and a mop sink takes out these obstacles. These sinks are mounted to the floor, keeping you from needing to lift a mop bucket any higher than a few inches. Also known as slop sinks, mop sinks are perfect for all kinds of janitorial tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mop Sinks

What Kind of Faucet Is Best to Use With a Mop Sink?

Service sink faucets are the most popular choice, as they are heavy duty and allow you to easily hang a bucket from them.

What Is a Mop Sink Cabinet?

Mop sink cabinets fully enclose mop sinks, allowing you to hide the mop sink away as well as store mops and other cleaning supplies. These cabinets include ventilation holes and allow for easy access to your products while still keeping a sleek look from the outside.