Beverage Decanters & Carafes

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Decanters and carafes are alternatives to pitchers for beverage service including water, iced tea, lemonade, juice and wine. The servers are made from glass or plastic and are clear, allowing waitstaff and clients alike to discern between different beverages. While a pitcher without handles may not be ideal for waitstaff, this uniform design of the carafes and decanters gives them the ability to store and transport much easier.

Carafes are similar to pitchers and bring a homestyle feel to restaurants, catered events and even the dinner table at home. Alongside typical beverage service, milk and creamer can be kept in carafes on ice at a coffee station or with a breakfast meal. If no beverage service is needed that concern carafes, get creative with the materials you have and use them as tip jars or flower vases.

Decanters are typically reserved for wine service but are also used as an elegant way to present basic beverage service. The shape and design of decanters brings oxygen into the wine, aerating it throughout service to produce the intended complex flavors. These sophisticated glasses can also be used as a artistic display piece behind a bar or as a bud vase.