Coffee & Tea Servers

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If you are serving coffee at a restaurant, event or even at home, a coffee server is a great addition to your coffee supplies because it will allow you to serve coffee or tea in style and keep it warm for a longer period of time. Look for coffee servers that are fully lined with insulation. Glass liners or insulated plastic lining will improve the heat retention as you serve coffee or tea to your guests. Our coffee servers are available in a variety of colors and materials. Plastic servers are popular in diners, cafés and casual dining establishments because they are highly durable and resist breaking and they are highly affordable as well. Metal servers are used more frequently in high-end restaurants and for catering events or hotel brunches.

Metal coffee servers can be quite ornate, polished spout-style servers, also known as "gooseneck servers," and are perfect for catering formal events like weddings, holiday breakfasts and anniversary receptions. Coffee servers are also an ideal addition to the coffee supply cupboard of an office break room to be used in business meetings. Insulated, more practical servers are frequently employed in sit-down restaurants, where keeping the coffee hot for long periods of time is key. For self-service, the servers can also be left on the customers’ table. This useful and versatile addition to your coffee supplies will help to increase coffee production in peak service hours because these pots will keep brewed coffee hot and fresh for service while your coffee machine is on and brewing another pot simultaneously.

Tea servers are polished pitchers or teapots used to serve and brew hot tea. Our tea servers are available in a variety of materials, shapes and styles. These are perfect for tea service in a fine-dining restaurant, banquet or brunch. This selection has the thing for you, whether you need a tea server for your home or for your business. When choosing a tea server, consider the material, shape and capacity of the item.

Also consider the style of the server. Stainless steel gooseneck tea servers are ideal for hotels, caterers or fine dining establishments serving breakfast or brunch. They have a classic design that is also perfect for a bed and breakfast establishment. On the other hand, if you are serving tea at an Asian or casual dining establishment, porcelain tea servers are the most practical and popular choice.