Commercial Ice Dispensers

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Commercial ice dispensers are the perfect option for self-serve functions such as fast-food beverage stations and hotels.

Being able to have the right ice storage and serving method is extremely important no matter what kind of business you have. Ice dispensing machines are typically found on every floor of a hotel, allowing guests to fill their own ice buckets. They are also great for self-serve beverage stations in any type of foodservice establishment. Another great benefit of ice dispensers is that it limits the amount of contact the user will have with the ice itself, since ice is dispensed with the press of a button or lever instead of being scooped by hand. This can be great for limiting contact and germ transfer, especially for healthcare uses and places where customers are getting ice for themselves.

Ice machine heads can make ice, but the ice has nowhere to go without an ice bin or ice dispenser. Not every dispenser will fit with every ice machine head, so always check the specs to be sure they are compatible. If you’re not sure, contact our sales team for expert assistance! Commercial ice dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit into even the tightest spaces in your commercial kitchen. Check out commercial ice dispensers from top manufacturers like Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Ice Dispensers

Are ice dispensers refrigerated?

No, ice dispensers are not typically refrigerated. These units feature insulated walls that keep ice frozen for long periods of time easily. The lack of refrigeration is a good thing for your electric bill, as the only electricity needed on an ice dispenser is for the dispensing mechanism itself.

What other features are available?

One of the most common features of commercial ice dispensers are built in water dispensers. Water dispensers make it extremely easy to fill water glasses, especially if a beverage dispenser is not nearby. This can be a helpful feature for both kitchen staff and self-serve users. Another common feature that many ice dispensers have is a function that will keep ice from overflowing when the user stops pressing the button/lever. This helps to reduce waste and messes by cutting down on excess ice that is not needed being dispensed.

What types of ice dispensing controls are there?

Common options for ice dispenser controls are push-buttons, levers, and touchless sensors. Buttons are simple, allowing the user to press for ice, and release when they are done. For a hands-free operation, levers allow the user to press with the container/glass they are filling, keeping their hands on the container and away from the machine at all times. The lever system is both sanitary as well as offers easier operation for busy users that may have their hands full. Select units even offer touchless sensor dispensing in which the machine senses that you have placed a container under the dispenser’s chute and releases ice accordingly.