Corn Dog Fryers

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Create the perfect breaded franks quickly and conveniently with a corn dog fryer!

Corn dog deep fryers are designed for specifically frying up breaded franks. A deep, narrow fry pot can cook dogs up to a foot long while using minimal oil. To hold the snacks in the proper position while they cook, this frying equipment has tall oil vats with a row or two of clips at the top of them. These clips securely hold corn dogs while they are fried, while keeping the end of the stick free from grease and hot oil.

One of the simplest concession dishes to produce, corn dogs can boost your bottom line. No concession stand or carnival booth should be without a dependable corn dog fryer. That's why we offer plenty of sturdy, stainless steel models to choose from to meet the specific needs of any foodservice establishment. Create delicious dogs that are sure to attract the attention of passers-by.


Corn dog fryers have narrow frying pots that are ideal for holding franks vertically. There are deep fryers that are 8" deep and ones that are 12" deep. Depending on what size franks you want to bread and fry, there are multiple options to choose from.


At Burkett, we offer corn dog deep fryers that are available between 30 and 50 pound capacities. Higher capacities will allow for a higher yield each frying cycle. These corn dog fryers come in a wide range of vat capacities to fulfill whatever amount of customers you look to satisfy.

Corn dog fryers are the perfect pick for creating plump, flavorful franks to share with hungry customers. We are sure anyone of our Gold Medal corn dog fryers will be the answer to all your breaded dog needs. Gold Medal is the industry’s leading concession equipment manufacturer and supplier of specialty foods, machines, and supplies.

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