12+ Oz. Popcorn Machines

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Pop fresh delicious popcorn all day long with a commercial popcorn machine.

Popcorn is an extremely popular concession item with an incredibly minimal overhead and substantial profit margins. Investing in a commercial popcorn popper can revive interest in your business and improve the aesthetics in places that are visible to customers.

A countertop popcorn popper not only produces large quantities of freshly popped corn all at once, but it also efficiently displays your salty snacks. These units include vibrant decorations and signage that can boost impulsive purchases. The best part is that every model has a heating element to keep the contents warm till client's order.

These popcorn machines are the higher capacity poppers we offer. Meant for movie theaters, concession stands, and carnival booths, these large machines help operators continuously produce and sell fresh popcorn. Give your kitchen the ability to produce high volumes of deliciously popped corn all day long.

Concession stands and movie theaters are excellent places to use commercial popcorn poppers. Commercial poppers maximize production, turning out a lot of products quickly.


Our selection includes models with various kettle sizes, so you’re sure to find a commercial popcorn machine to fit your production levels.

Kettle sizes range from 12oz to 18oz. Machine widths also vary depending upon kettle size but are still able to be placed on countertops, tabletops, or even a popcorn wagon. With clear windows all the way around, you can easily see how much popcorn you have left in your machine and when it is time to fill the kettle.

While commercial poppers are big enough to sit directly on the floor, some commercial popcorn machines may be placed atop a matching cart or wagon for portability. Regardless of the type you select, popcorn makers are easy to use.

For smaller production levels, view our collection of medium-duty popcorn poppers.


See-through glass all the way around allows operators to see when more popcorn needs prepared. The sides also help with the visual stimulation of hungry guests. All of these popcorn machines we offer are constructed of sturdy and durable stainless steel and are sure to last your business for years to come. Many of these countertop popcorn makers are NSF Listed, so you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in impossible-to-clean cracks and crevices.

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