4 - 10 Oz. Popcorn Machines

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Make delicious hot popcorn anytime and anywhere thanks to these popcorn machines.

The investment of a commercial popcorn machine can be quite profitable due to the significant profit margins connected with selling popcorn. They are straightforward, easy-to-maintain machines that have high profit margins yet require little maintenance. For your concession stand, movie theater, or amusement park, a popcorn popper is a wise investment.

A countertop popcorn popper not only produces fresh popped corn quickly and easily, but it also efficiently displays your salty snacks. These poppers use eye-catching signage and decorations that can encourage new purchases. The nicest feature is that each model includes a heating element to maintain the popcorns warmth till it's served.

These popcorn machines are great for smaller locations or places where popcorn is not produced constantly. With their smaller kettle sizes, these popcorn machines fit great in bars, small concession stands, and even residential homes. Not only will they produce delicious popcorn, but they will also entice guests with that distinct popcorn smell.

You can make your home smell like a movie theater on family movie night. In today's world where movies come out on streaming sites, you won't have to leave your house to have that movie theater premiere feeling.


Coming in a variety of kettle sizes, dimensions, and styles, you can find the right popcorn machine for your business, home, or kiosk. Low volume popcorn makers with 4-ounce kettles can produce up to 90 ounces of popcorn in an hour. Models with 8-ounce kettles are considered medium volume and can produce 120 ounces of popcorn per hour. The production levels of these units are ideal for office break rooms, small bars, food trucks, or residential homes.

For the higher production levels necessary in stadiums and movie theaters, check out our collection of heavy-duty popcorn poppers. These units are all 12oz and higher.


Tempered glass or plexiglass is used for the cabinets of commercial popcorn machines, which also have stainless steel or aluminum bases and corners. Most models use scratch- and warp-resistant glass that allow high visibility to your customers.

Kettles are easily removable to allow for easy and quick cleaning. Cleaning your kettle and machine regularly will help with producing better tasting popcorn consistently. All of the popcorn machines we provide are made of strong, dependable stainless steel, so they will last your business for many years. Many of these popcorn makers are NSF Listed.

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