Hot Buffet Stations

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Hot food buffet systems are ideal for giving your kitchen a serving station that can keep foods hot and at ideal temperatures for serving to customers.

These hot serving stations are ideal for cafeterias, dining halls, restaurants, and catering companies. These stations make your buffet service more versatile, as you can offer a wider array of foods without investing in new equipment. Heating elements will keep foods at the appropriate temperature while not continuing to cook them.

Hot buffets let operators serve different food types in a limited space that can't accommodate a steam table. With these units, you can serve hot foods out of the same footprint with a single power source.

Since most of these models come on casters, they are easy to move from kitchens to service areas. The mobility of these hot serving counters makes them versatile and useful for dining halls, concession stands, catering events, and restaurants.

Sizing & Pan Capacity

Hot buffet stations come in a very wide range of sizes and pan capacities. You can get a hot food buffet as small as 26" with 2 pan capacity, up to 96" with 6 pan capacity. Pan capacity is based on using standard 12" x 20" x 2.5" hotel pans. Be sure you have the appropriate commercial food pans when purchasing a mobile buffet station.

Tray Slides

Most models come with attached tray slides or under shelves to make lives easier. tray slides help by allowing customers to put their tray or plate down while serving themselves, this can help reduce spills or dropped plates.

Buffet Station Base Finishes

Bases are available in a wide variety of finishes and types. These are the base finishes offered:

  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Vinyl Covered Steel

Buffet Station Base Types

Bases can be fully enclosed without storage or fully enclosed with storage area. There are also open base models that offer shelving for storage.

The bases on these hot food buffet serving stations are nice and clean enough that they can be used in any location. Some units offer under-counter storage. Under shelves give you more storage directly underneath the serving surface. These shelves are perfect for holding serving utensils, cooking utensils, cleaning solutions, or even plates for customers.

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