Drop-In Ice Cooled Food Wells

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Iced food wells will keep anything from salads to desserts to drinks, ice-cold and ready to serve!

Drop-in iced food wells will use ice to continually keep dishes or pans cool and easy to access for kitchen staff and customers. Drop-in wells with ice cooling are useful for situations where electricity is absent or difficult to obtain.

They are simple to install into openings drilled through the top layer of any counter or serving surface. The well's bottom is deep enough to hold enough ice to keep any food pan placed directly above it chilled. Many of these ice-cooled drop-in food wells have many sections, allowing you to give a variety of options.

Food pans or packaged products are nestled inside or placed on top of the ice. These drop in food wells do need to have their ice replenished, but they are insulated enough to hold their cold temperatures for an appropriate length of time.

Perhaps an iced well isn't ideal for your business, then check out our big selection of drop-in cold food wells.


These food wells are available in a wide range of widths ranging from single pan units about 15" wide to six pan units about 84" wide. Pan capacity depends upon the total size of your unit. With larger sized models, operators can provide higher numbers of food pans at a single time.

Pan Capacity

Many units will securely hold standard 12" x 20" hotel pans, however, we do offer models that are designed for narrow pans. The narrower iced food well is perfect for sauces or toppings. Be sure you have the proper food pans when deciding on a commercial food well.

Drain Connections

To make cleanup easy, these wells are recessed into the counter and include a drain that links to an outgoing water line. Interior drains expedite removing melted ice in order to properly reload the food well without overflowing it.

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