Dual Zone Display Cases

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Dual zone bakery display cases are the ideal solution for merchandising several types of baked goods.

These combination cases are constructed with a dry section for products like bagels, breads, cookies, and donuts, and a refrigerated section for cheesecake, pies, cakes, and mousses. To achieve the highest quality and texture for your baked goods, each item should be stored based on its specific needs for refrigeration and humidity. A dual zone bakery display case allows you to properly store any kind of dessert or baked good without taking up extra room. Keep all your baked goods beautifully displayed for customers in a full service bakery case, even with a limited amount of space. Your bakery can't go wrong with a combination dry and refrigerated bakery case from brands like True Manufacturing and Turbo Air.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Zone Bakery Display Cases

What temperature does a dual temp bakery case hold?

The refrigerated section of a dual temp bakery case holds temperatures of between 33 and 41°F, which is the ideal holding temperature for refrigerated baked goods as well as cold deli products. The non-refrigerated side is ambient, taking on whatever temperature the room is but with reduced humidity to keep your breads and other goods fresh.

Tip: Make sure your products are fully cooled down before placing them into the display case to ensure the humidity levels and temperatures inside the case stay at a good level.

What is the difference between a full-service and self-service bakery case?

Full-service display cases are only accessible by sliding doors on the back, allowing only staff members to access the goods. This ensures no products are being touched by those not purchasing as well as regulates the flow of inventory.

Self-service display cases open from both the back and the front, offering easy access to customers to streamline the process and reduce the need for staff involvement. Self-service cases often include features like bag, box, and napkin holders to help customers select their product easily.

What is the difference between straight glass and curved glass displays?

Ultimately, the primary difference is aesthetics. Curved glass displays provide a sleeker and more pleasing look that can reduce glare and reflections so customers can see products more easily. They do, however, tend to be a more expensive option than straight glass.

What are some common features available with dual zone bakery display cases?

  • Lighted interiors/shelves: helps you to showcase your products more effectively
  • Adjustable shelves: allows for merchandising of various size products at different times
  • Humidity controls: keeps moisture levels down to keep baked goods fresher, longer
  • Casters: allows for easy movement of display cases for changing setups as well as cleaning under and around the unit

Other refrigerated merchandising options

Dual zone bakery display cases may be a convenient way to display multiple types of baked goods at once, but Burkett also has a variety of other great merchandising options. Dry bakery display cases are fully non-refrigerated, best for breads, donuts, and cookies. Refrigerated bakery cases and refrigerated deli cases offer the same great display functions but with a fully refrigerated interior. If you’re looking for a smaller option for your checkout line or countertop, a dry countertop bakery display case or refrigerated countertop display case is a great option. Find the perfect merchandiser refrigerators and freezers for all of your needs at Burkett Restaurant Supply.