Refrigerated Countertop Display Cases

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Refrigerated countertop bakery display cases are great for attractively displaying baked goods at eye level to entice customers.

Refrigerated countertop cases are great for holding cakes, pies, and pastries. Present an eye-catching display to your customers while retaining the best food quality for your baked goods. Items made with dairy products should always be refrigerated to keep them from spoiling. With these countertop displays, you won't have to sacrifice a large amount of floor space to safely display products. Add a refrigerated display case with the convenience of a countertop design to preserve quality and serve delicious baked goods, even if you're short on space. You can never go wrong with a refrigerated countertop bakery display case from trusted industry brands like Federal Industries and Vollrath.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerated Countertop Bakery Display Cases

What temperature does a countertop refrigerated bakery case hold?

A refrigerated bakery case typically holds temperatures between 33 and 41°F, which is the ideal holding temperature for refrigerated baked goods like cakes, pies, and mousse as well as cold deli products.

Tip: Make sure your products are fully cooled down before placing them into the display case to ensure the humidity levels and temperatures inside the case stay at a good level.

What is the difference between straight glass and curved glass displays?

The main difference is ultimately one of appearance. Curved glass displays have a sleeker, more elegant appearance and can help customers see products more clearly by reducing glare and reflections. However, they are usually more expensive than straight glass.

What is the difference between a full-service and self-service bakery case?

Full-service display cases are only accessible from the back, making the products only accessible to staff. This controls the movement of inventory and makes sure no products are handled by people who aren't buying them.

Self-service display cases open from both the front and the back, providing customers with simple access to speed up the process and lessen the need for staff involvement. Self-service cases frequently have accessories like box, bag, and napkin holders to aid in the process of customers selecting their products.

Can these sit on anything besides countertops?

Yes! Many refrigerated countertop displays are designed to sit on top of horizontal open air merchandisers to create the perfect point-of-sale display. They can also be placed on any flat surface that can hold their weight.

Other refrigerated merchandising options

Refrigerated countertop bakery display cases may be convenient to display non-refrigerated baked goods in a compact location, but Burkett also has a variety of other great merchandising options. If you’re looking for a non-refrigerated option for your countertop, a dry countertop display case is a great option. Dry bakery display cases are the full sized option, best for breads, donuts, and cookies. Refrigerated bakery cases and refrigerated deli cases offer a fully refrigerated interior, and dual zone bakery display cases offer both dry and refrigerated areas. Find the perfect merchandiser refrigerators and freezers for all of your needs at Burkett Restaurant Supply.