Open Air Merchandiser Dry Display Case Add-Ons

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Bakeries, restaurants, and convenience stores all use open air merchandiser dry display case add-ons to store and serve non-perishable bakery items.

Add merchandising display for all of your non-refrigerated baked goods near the point of sale to increase impulse sales. While still on display, cookies, muffins, and other pastries are shielded from outside contaminants. Our selection includes sleek clear acrylic display cases for a contemporary appearance as well as glass display cases for a more traditional feel. Self-service models let customers choose their own treat while preserving traffic flow. To match the aesthetic of your bakery, select curved or flat front designs. We offer a selection of dry display case add-ons that is sure to be the right fit for your bakery's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Air Merchandiser Dry Display Case Add-Ons

Do open display case add-ons have temperature control?

No, display case add-ons don't have any kind of temperature control or refrigeration. They do manage to keep moisture and humidity levels low, but the temperature depends on the surroundings.

Tip: To ensure that the humidity levels and temperatures inside the display case stay at a good level, make sure your products are completely cooled down before putting them in.

What is the difference between a full-service and self-service bakery case?

Full-service display cases are only accessible from the back, keeping the products out of the hands of anyone but staff. This regulates inventory movement and ensures that no products are handled by individuals who aren't purchasing them.

Self-service display cases open from both the front and the back, allowing for easy access by customers to quicken the procedure and reduce the need for staff involvement. To help customers choose their products, self-service cases frequently have accessories like box, bag, and napkin holders.

What is the difference between straight glass and curved glass displays?

Ultimately, the primary difference is aesthetics. Curved glass displays provide a sleeker and more pleasing look that can reduce glare and reflections so customers can see products more easily. They do, however, tend to be a more expensive option than straight glass.

Can these sit on anything besides open air merchandisers?

Yes! Many display case add-ons are designed to sit on top of countertops or almost any flat surface that can hold their weight.

Other refrigerated merchandising options

Open air merchandiser dry display case add-ons may be convenient to display non-refrigerated baked goods in a compact location, but Burkett also has a variety of other great merchandising options. If you’re looking for a refrigerated option for your countertop, a refrigerated countertop display case is a great option. Dry bakery display cases are the full sized version of these countertop cases, and best for breads, donuts, and cookies. Refrigerated bakery cases and refrigerated deli cases offer a fully refrigerated interior, and dual zone bakery display cases offer both dry and refrigerated areas. Find the perfect merchandiser refrigerators and freezers for all of your needs at Burkett Restaurant Supply.