Plastic Bussing / Utility / Service Carts

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Plastic utility carts are a versatile tool to transport goods throughout your business. They are generally used as bussing carts, aiding in the transportation of bus tubs filled with dirty dishes from the dining room to the warewashing station. While bussing is the most popular application for plastic service carts, they can move almost anything. The plastic construction is lighter than a metal cart, allowing it to be transported more easily during peak times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Utility Carts

How Much Weight Can a Plastic Utility Cart Hold?

The weight capacity of plastic utility carts typically varies between 300-600 lbs.

Are There Any Accessories You Can Add to Your Plastic Utility Cart?

Yes! Burkett offers a variety of accessories for your utility cart such as silverware bins, panels, and retainer straps.