4-Compartment Sinks

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When it comes to the sanitation of your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to have more. With a 4 compartment sink, you can perform the 3 step dishwashing process and still have an additional compartment for anything else! Having an additional compartment in your dishwashing sink is perfect for scraping (add a garbage disposal to this one for added convenience!), soaking, or pre-washing.

Frequently Asked Questions About 4 Compartment Sinks

What Advantage Does a Fourth Compartment Add?

The fourth compartment adds an extra sink to do anything you need. You can use it for a place to pre-rinse dishes to clean off any food leftovers, use it to soak dishes to remove stuck on food, or scrape off the food into a garbage disposal.

How Many Faucets Does a 4 Compartment Sink Require?

Due to the width of this style of sink, most require two sets of faucets. Check the specs for OC measurements.