Ventless Fryers

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Remove the need for more ventilation and hood expenses with a ventless deep fryer!

These ventless deep fryers are ideal for restaurants, concession stands, and wherever ventilation is limited. Each fryer is fitted with impressive filtering technology that removes the need for an external hood ventilation. This means you can use this fryer in any location, including those without hoods, vents, or ductwork. A commercial range hood is not necessary for hoodless fryers to comply with legal requirements or to avoid potential fire hazards.

Floor model ventless fryers provide the same production and quality as your normal commercial fryers. The installation of a hood to keep your restaurant safe is one of the most expensive aspects of providing fried food. Ventless or hoodless fryers avoid this expense, saving you thousands of dollars.


At Burkett, we offer you a variety of Ventless Fryers to help your business be successful where others cannot. These upright electric fryers come in 15 - 30 lbs. capacities. If your kitchen is even shorter on space, check out countertop ventless fryers. Floor models can produce more food, but countertop models are more mobile and easier to fit in a cramped kitchen.


Ventless fryers come equipped with either warming drawers or storage cabinets underneath the frying pot. Warming drawers are an excellent feature to keep alongside a commercial fryer. Users can fry up delicious goodies, then keep items in a pan in the warming drawer to keep fried foods hot, crisp, and ready-to-serve.

There are also models that will provide you with 2 fry pots under the same footprint. These units are great for cooking up multiple fried goodies at once.

Ventless Deep Fryer Resources

Check out Burkett's collection of concession equipment to fully stock your kiosk. The Burkett Blog has an excellent resource when picking out ventless frying equipment, "Burkett Introduces Perfect Fry Ventless Fryers!" Purchase one of these excellent Wells ventless fryers today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Model Ventless Deep Fryers

Why should you use a ventless fryer?

When using any commercial deep fryer, proper ventilation is required. Unfortunately, commercial kitchen ventilation hoods can be very expensive. If your kitchen needs to add ventilation it can take awhile, slowing down your ability to produce.

If your operating out of an older or historic building, ventilation may be more expensive or unavailable. Also, laws may be in place that disallow any modifications to the building to be made.

Traditional hoods cannot be installed in mobile establishments. Food trucks, catering companies, concession stands, and other off-premise food service providers may not have a suitable location for proper hood systems. Countertop or floor model ventless fryers make frying foods for these types of businesses doable.