Griddle Top Broilers

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Take meats directly from the griddle to the broiler without taking a step thanks to griddle top broilers.

Broilers with griddles enable quick food production and incredible efficiency. By searing foods to their optimal interior temperatures, a commercial broiler will produce consistent outcomes every time. These full-size broilers provide you with more heat power than smaller salamanders and cheese melters.

The upright broiler is the best kind of commercial broiler to acquire for foodservice operations that frequently serve many visitors at a time. Because it is designed to cook and produce large quantities of food in a short amount of time, this sort of commercial broiler is certain to be beneficial in any restaurant, cafeteria, or dining hall.

These units combine the effective and quick cooking of a commercial broiler with a versatile flat griddle top. This combination unit allows for both cooking sections to be used simultaneously. You can cook eggs on top and broil a steak right below for a delicious steak and eggs breakfast!

Griddle Top

The feature that sets these units apart from the rest is the convenient griddle top. Commercial griddles can be used to cook up anything from pancakes and eggs to burgers and steaks. With their versatility and multiple heat zones, they are perfect for cooking plenty of different menu items at once.

Griddle tops usually range between 3/8" thick and 1" thick. Although the thicker tops take longer to heat up, they can maintain constant temperatures for a longer period of time while cooking larger quantities.


Griddle top broilers come in a variety of sizes to give options. Our selection of unit's range between 32" and 45". Many griddle broilers come equipped with casters for easy transportation and undershelves that are great for holding ingredients, utensils, or other items. Broiler racks can be adjusted to fit any size meal you need to cook as well.

For additional high-volume commercial broilers, check out our collection of upright broilers.


These griddle broilers are constructed of stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. Also, almost all models come with casters included to make moving them for maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Both the griddle and broiler come with attached and removable grease catching trays. These trays help expedite cleanup.

Increase your kitchen's versatility and efficiency with a broiler griddle combo. With a top manufacturer like Southbend, you can be sure these commercial broilers will provide optimal performance.

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