Commercial Cheese Melters

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Finish off those delicious appetizers or meals with some melted cheese for the perfect bite each time!

These appliances cannot fully cook or prepare a dish but, as the name implies, they do an excellent job at melting cheese or finishing off dishes.

Commercial cheese melters are a great asset for cafes, restaurants, bars, concession stands, or any other establishment with cheese topped products on the menu.

Heating Style

Heating elements in cheese melters focus downward so that they only slightly cook the top of items, allowing operators to heat the top layer of foods quickly and intensely without continuing to cook the interior. They are mostly used to melt cheese on sandwiches, fries, nachos, or other appetizers.

The heat from a top-mounted burner or element is direct, in contrast to a convection oven, which uses heated air to circulate to cook food. This enables operators to swiftly and aggressively heat the top layer of food items without further cooking the interior. These appliances are solely used for finishing, not baking.

Although a salamander broiler appears similar to a cheese melter, the two are not interchangeable. Cheese melters typically operate at a less powerful temperature than salamander broilers. This makes these appliances great for reheating smaller food items and even keeping plates warm without burning meals.


We offer multiple sizes and strengths to satisfy any kitchen looking for a quick and safe food heater.

The wide selection of sizes allows any commercial kitchen to be successful in finishing delicious dishes. Units typically come available in 12" increments. The largest cheese melters range up to 72", while the smallest models can be placed on countertops. Additionally, for optimal versatility, easy-to-load racks accept a range of dish sizes.


Electric or gas variants of cheese melters are available, and they can either be wall-mounted or utilized as countertop appliances. Made from stainless steel, our cheese broilers are resilient and easy to clean.

Many of these broilers are made to hold heat when they are turned off, allowing you to utilize them right away without having to wait for them to fully reheat.

With reliable brands like Southbend and Atosa, these commercial cheese melters are durable and sure to leave your customers wanting more.

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