Salamander Broilers

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Mount one of these great salamander broilers above your cooking equipment for quick and easy ways to finish off dishes.

A salamander broiler is a form of broiler that is smaller than others and can be easily positioned above a range or oven as well as on the countertop in any kitchen for adding the finishing touches to an order. They generate very high temperatures from above, directing intense heat downward onto pans or platters of food to broil the top. Choose between radiant or infrared heat options from our selection of the best salamander broilers.

Mounted or Countertop

Most of our salamander grills come ready to be mounted above ranges or ovens, while others can simply be used on countertop spaces. Countertop models will help your commercial kitchen save space and can be set up easily.

Countertop models are great for concession stands or kitchens lacking space. By mounting your salamander, even small kitchens can add this great piece of cooking equipment.

Mount one of these salamander broilers above your commercial range, charbroiler, and commercial oven. By placing one of these above another piece of equipment, you can cut down on steps chefs will have to take.


Widths of commercial salamander broilers range to allow you to find the right size to fit above your oven or on open counter space. They normally range in widths between 32" and 60". Larger sized broilers will offer higher cooking capacity at a single time. Rack positions can be adjusted based on what foods or meals are being cooked.

Heating Source

Gas salamander broilers are available using either radiants or infrared heating elements.

Infrared broilers use a number of ceramic plates with tiny holes spaced equally between them make up the broiler burner, which allows gas and air to pass through. The food receives heat directly from the ceramic plates. Infrared salamanders use less energy and take less time. This heating source keeps more moisture in meats, making them juicier.

High-quality radiants are typically constructed of cast iron and designed to disperse the heat produced by the burner.  After that, the heat rises and is transferred to the cooking surface. The cooking surface is made up of evenly spaced grates that are positioned above the combustion chamber that contains the burners.


Stainless steel is the most common finish for broiling ovens, making them sturdy and easy to clean. Their durable construction ensures that salamanders can be securely mounted above expensive kitchen equipment without the worry of disaster.

With one of these great salamander broilers, or even a cheese melter, you can quickly crisp up your casserole or crème brulé, caramelize onions, or melt cheese on top of fries.

If you need more power than a salamander oven can provide, check out our selection of upright broiler ovens.

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