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Keg Coolers

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Any establishment looking to serve ice cold beer will need a commercial beer dispenser. Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a great selection of styles in stainless steel or black exterior finish. If you are ready to invest in a new draft beer dispenser, you will be impressed by our collection. Beer dispensers are basically specialized refrigerators that chill and dispense liquid from kegs. Their sturdy construction makes them a bartenders favorite work horse. Take a look at the many styles in our collection and choose from features like swing or sliding doors, incandescent or fluorescent interior lighting, flat or club top styles, and the ability to hold 8 or more kegs at once. Also sprinkled in our extensive line are some specialty kegerators that can not only dispense quality beer, but also wine, cold brew and nitro coffee.

What kinds of draft systems are available?

There are three types of drafts; direct draw, air-cooled, and glycol-cooled. Direct draw means the keg is kept in a cooling unit near the faucet and is ideal for catering and portable bars. Air-cooled systems rely on circulating cold air and is ideal for bars serving multiple kinds of beer. Glycol-cooled systems use an indirect cooling agent that circulates in a separate tube and is ideal for operation where the cooler is 25' or more from the bar.

Does the size of my establishment effect the size of Keg Cooler I should use?

Not necessarily. Although a larger establishment may need a larger Keg Cooler, a small bar serving a wider variety of draft beers may also need a larger unit. When purchasing a Bar Keg Cooler, it is ideal to consider space, level of business, and what is being served.

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