Commercial Beer Dispensers

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Serve ice cold draft beer with a draft beer dispenser and kegerator.

Draft beer dispensers and kegerators are a great addition to indoor or outdoor bars, restaurants, or any catering venue looking to keep beer, ciders, or even craft sodas on tap. Pour a drink straight from the tap for the freshest beverages and best experience for your customers. Kegerators are a type of bar refrigerator that are made to hold and dispense one or several kegs. For more bar equipment to fully outfit your operation, check out our keg racks, glass and plate chillers, and underbar sinks.

Buying considerations

  • Size - Just like any commercial refrigerator you add to your operation, draft beer systems require approximately 6" of clearance for air flow. Take this ventilation space into account when choosing a commercial kegerator and beer dispenser. Front breathing refrigeration systems won't require clearance at the back or sides. Determine the space you have available and refrigeration location to find the right fit.
  • Number of tap towers and faucets - Your kegerator will come with a tap tower and faucet system where draft beer is dispensed. Decide the number of different drafts you'd like to serve regularly when choosing the right commercial beer kegerator. Options range from single towers with one or two faucets, up to twelve faucets for a wide variety of draft options.
  • Keg style and size - Different types of beer are stored and delivered in different size kegs. Determine the size of the kegs you will most commonly be storing and number of kegs you'll be serving to choose the right commercial beer dispenser for your bar or restaurant.
  • Multi-purpose needs - Some models of kegerators will include club top openings for chilling glasses or plates. Others house space for storing bottles, mixers, or garnishes. Browse our selection of draft beer systems to see if a multi-purpose unit could benefit your business.
  • Installation type - Keg coolers can be stationary or mobile. For catering events or outdoor bars, it may be beneficial to choose a mobile unit. The ability to move the kegerator can also be helpful in bars with limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draft Beer Dispensers & Kegerators

What size kegs are available?

There are several different sizes of kegs available. For the most accurate information, ask your beer supplier what size keg they offer for the draft beverage you're looking to serve. Some general size approximations are:

  • 1/2 barrel, full size keg: 16"(dia.) x 24"(h)
  • 1/4 slim keg: 11"(dia.) x 24"(h)
  • 1/4 short keg: 16"(dia.) x 15"(h)
  • 1/6 barrel, sixtel: 9"(dia.) x 24"(h)
  • Homebrew keg: 9"(dia.) x 23"(h)

How cold should a commercial keg cooler be?

To keep draft beer at peak quality, kegerators will hold temperatures in the range of 34°F - 40°F. If your keg is improperly cooled, beer can be foamy or even taste flat when served. To ensure excellent quality every time, check to see if your keg cooler comes with a built in interior thermometer, or purchase a refrigeration thermometer to keep in the cooler at all times.

How long does beer last in a draft beer system?

Life span of beer stored in a kegerator depends on the type of beer being served. Pasteurized beers can stay fresh if properly refrigerated for three to six months. Non-pasteurized beers have a shorter holding time of around two months. Best practice is to always check for quality before serving, and make sure draft lines are cleaned at minimum every two weeks. Clean equipment will always serve a higher quality product.

How long should a keg sit before tapping?

Because kegs may experience agitation during the shipping process, they should sit for 2 - 4 hours before tapping. Air build up in tap lines due to improper tapping or agitated kegs can cause the tap to spit or create excess froth in your draft beer.