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Keg Coolers

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Any establishment serving draft beer will need a commercial beer dispenser. Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a great selection of styles with stainless steel or black vinyl exteriors. If you are ready to invest in a new draw beer dispenser, you will be impressed by our collection. Kegerators are basically specialized refrigerators that chill and dispense liquid from kegs.Their sturdy construction makes them a barman’s favorite work horse. Take a look at the many styles in our collection and choose from features like self-closing doors, incandescent or fluorescent interior lighting, and one-, two- or three-door styles. Commercial keg coolers with draws are the best way to serve a cold beer.

What kinds of draft systems are available?

There are three types of drafts; direct draw, air-cooled, and glycol-cooled. Direct draw means the keg is kept in a cooling unit near the faucet and is ideal for catering and portable bars. Air-cooled systems rely on circulating cold air and is ideal for bars serving multiple kinds of beer. Glycol-cooled systems use an indirect cooling agent that circulates in a separate tube and is ideal for operation where the cooler is 25' or more from the bar.

Does the size of my establishment effect the size of Keg Cooler I should use?

Not necessarily. Although a larger establishment may need a larger Keg Cooler, a small bar serving a wider variety of draft beers may also need a larger unit. When purchasing a Bar Keg Cooler, it is ideal to consider space, level of business, and what is being served.