Refrigerated Sushi Display Cases

Refrigerated sushi display cases are long, low-profile refrigerated cases that are placed on the countertops of sushi bars to display the products for sale.

Sushi display cases can be used to create beautiful displays of sushi and raw fish to show customers what is available. These refrigerators are often made with curved glass fronts, similar to bakery display cases, that reduce reflections to ensure customers’ eyes are drawn to the food. Sushi cases are made with grooved food panels on the interior that holds sushi products perfectly. Sit a sushi case on top of your bar to display and store the sushi and sashimi as soon as it has been prepared without letting it go bad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerated Sushi Display Cases

What compressor location is best?

The compressor on refrigerated sushi display cases is located on either the left or right side. Some models even require a remote compressor to be purchased separately. Remote compressor models maximize the available storage and display space as well as minimizing noise, however they can be much more difficult to install. If you decide to go with a self-contained unit, make sure the compressor is located on the opposite end of the counter or sushi bar from guests. One of the appeals of a sushi bar is being able to see the fresh fish up close and watch the chef select and prepare the fish. This experience can be ruined if a patron has to lean over the compressor to see.

Are refrigerated sushi display cases lighted?

This may vary from unit to unit, but most feature LED interior lighting. Interior lighting is important to allow customers to see the sushi and fish available in it’s best light.

What temperature are refrigerated sushi display cases?

Most sushi display cases are made to hold temperatures of about 39°F. This is the perfect temperature to keep sushi and raw fish chilled and fresh. Many also include internal thermometers to allow you to keep an eye on the temperature for peace of mind.

Other Refrigerated Display Options

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