Horizontal Open Air Merchandisers

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Horizontal open air merchandisers are the perfect addition for grab-and-go service.

These units can be placed near the point of sale or on endcaps to add merchandising refrigeration to previously unused spaces. Unlike vertical open air merchandisers, horizontal models won't block the view for customers as they walk throughout the store. Stock up bottled beverages, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and other pre-packaged treats so customers can grab what they need quickly and easily with a horizontal open air merchandiser.

Buying Considerations:

  • Visibility - Our selection of horizontal open air merchandisers includes models with and without partial glass fronts. We also have options for solid or glass sides. Glass sides allow customers to view products from more angles, while solid sides may help preserve energy costs and are more sturdy.
  • Exterior finish - We carry units in white and black vinyl, stainless steel, and white or black powder coated steel. Choose a horizontal open air merchandiser that will fit with existing equipment or elevate the appearance of your business.
  • Capacity - Available in sizes ranging from 26" to 72", we offer a selection of horizontal open air merchandisers to fit any storage and spatial needs. Whether you need a compact unit to hold a few bottled drinks for sale, or a larger model for light meals and pre-packaged snacks, we have the right fit for you.
  • Shelving - Choose from tiered interior flooring that can be used to create your merchandising display, and adjustable wire shelving. Some units feature shelves that are separate from the floor of the unit. Others are designed so that the floor is the shelving. Either option is sure to meet the need for merchandising refrigeration in your business.
  • Specialty features - Some horizontal open air merchandisers feature an enclosed refrigerated or dry display case on top of the unit. These combo style merchandisers are able to store a wide variety of products to maximize use of your space. Keep donuts, cookies, and other pastries right above bottled beverages to entice customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horizontal Open Air Merchandisers

What's the difference between a glass door merchandiser and an open air merchandiser?

The distinction is in the way the goods are displayed. Since there are no doors on open-air merchandisers, the contents are more visible and are simpler for customers to access. These refrigerators are typically suitable for foods with a short shelf life, such as sandwiches, fruit platters, fresh salads, and packaged deli items. The promotion of grab-and-go snacks is also a great use for open-air display coolers.

Do horizontal open air merchandisers have lighting?

Unless otherwise noted, horizontal open air merchandisers will have interior lighting. Within recent years, manufacturers have opted for LED lighting in their units. LED lighting is longer lasting, more energy efficient, and brighter than the traditional bulbs that were previously common. Safety shielded fluorescent lighting has been a staple for interior lighting in the past. Check your prospective product’s spec sheet to confirm lighting options.

Can I leave food in a horizontal open air merchandiser overnight?

Although products can be left in open-air display cases overnight, we advise getting a night cover. When an open air merchandiser is not in use, night covers, which are frequently included, can help save on energy.

Are horizontal open air merchandisers for pre-packaged goods only?

All commercial refrigerators will specify whether it is suitable for pre-packaged or open food products. Each model's spec sheet contains this information. Open food products and pre-packaged foods are both covered by an NSF rating. The majority of horizontal open air merchandisers have a pre-packaged food only rating.

Other Merchandising Options

For a different style of open air merchandising, check out vertical open air merchandising. There are plenty of other ways to store and merchandise your refrigerated and frozen options. If you're not looking for something open air, check out dry & refrigerated display cases, and glass door merchandisers. Burkett also offers a variety of heated merchandisers as well!