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Increase and speed up production of delicious pies with a commercial pizza deck oven.

Pizza deck ovens are a main component in any pizzeria's kitchen. These heavy-duty commercial ovens are built for baking pizza pies, and they frequently make efficient use of a gas power source to provide high levels of cooking heat for the perfect crust and toppings. The majority of pizza deck ovens are made of stainless steel for years of solid service.

Commercial pizza deck ovens deliver outstanding cooking power so pizzas can be prepared quickly and consistently every time. These floor models are ideal for Italian restaurants, pizza shops, cafeterias, and other high-volume pizza providers.


Understanding your demand and production levels will help make choosing the right pizza deck oven easier. We offer a huge selection of different sized pizza deck ovens, ranging from 19" to 80" wide and with depths ranging from 21" to 52" deep.

Additionally, you'll need to decide how big of an opening you want in your pizza oven. Thin crust pizzas require significantly less space to fit into an oven compared to a deep-dish pizza. For reasons like this our deck oven openings range in size from 7" to 16".

If you need a smaller deck oven, look at countertop pizza deck ovens. These units are compact and space-saving but cannot produce the production these floor models can.

Deck Quantity

Most manufacturers offer pizza deck ovens as single, double or triple deck models for cooking an even greater number of pizzas at one time. These ovens also have shallow decks, allowing you to fit the unit into your kitchen without taking up too much space or disrupting your kitchen's workflow. Multiple deck ovens effectively stack ovens in the same footprint for additional output and versatility.


These pizza ovens are made of sturdy, long-lasting materials because they are intended for commercial use. They are able to work without interruptions for the entire day. These industrial ovens are also made to be simple for kitchen workers to clean and maintain thanks to their design.

At Burkett, we offer you only the best when it comes to cooking equipment. That's why we offer top brands like Blodgett, Bakers Pride, Doyon, and Comstock-Castle.

After your pizzas are cooked and ready to serve, you'll need the proper heated displays to keep foods safe and accessible for customers. Check out our collection of pizza merchandisers, buffet warming shelves, and bar and strip heaters to set your business apart from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza Deck Ovens

What surface material should you buy?

Professional pizza deck ovens have cooking surfaces mainly available in either stainless steel or stone.

  • Stainless-Steel - Stainless steel is less expensive and more lightweight than stone. Hot spots result from the inability to absorb heat or moisture.
  • Stone - Using a stone will produce a more thorough heat that will crisp and brown food while retaining the most moisture. Although more expensive, these machines deliver a more stable temperature throughout the cooking chamber.

How many decks should you invest in?

Consider how much production your kitchen will require each day when determining how many decks your pizza cooker needs. The smallest variants begin around 20" wide, while the largest pizza decks can be up to 84" wide. Once you are aware of the largest pie oven your kitchen can accept, you can add decks to increase output.

Consider adding a few decks to your pizza oven for faster cook times in environments where you produce pizza in large quantities. The majority of multi-deck pizza ovens have separate controllers for each deck. Users are able to simultaneously cook a variety of foods because to this.

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