Commercial Electric Charbroilers

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Electric radiant charbroilers allow you to create that outdoor grilled taste anywhere!

Commercial electric radiant charbroilers are a great way to keep grilling alive in any small kitchen. They allow you to cook chicken, burgers and other meats, and give them the taste just like they were cooked outdoors. You can give meats, seafood, and veggies a smoky, char-grilled flavor by using these countertop or drop-in units. For cosmetic appeal, the cast iron grates cook the meats, leaving grill marks.

Electric charbroilers are great cooking equipment, however they're not quite as powerful as gas charbroilers. Electric equipment is frequently made to be portable, allowing users to wheel their charbroiler from one location to another and use it wherever there is an appropriate outlet. With gas-powered machinery that requires a fuel line, that mobility is not conceivable.

Heating Source

Utilizing electric power for even heat and consistent cooking, you can be sure your creating consistently-cooked dishes. You don't have to bother with buying lava rocks or connecting equipment to a gas line.

Radiant charbroilers have burners positioned under an angled piece of metal called radiants. This concentrates the heat on the grates and food. Grease and drippings are channeled away from the heat and into the drip pan thanks to their tilted design. Flare-ups occur in radiant models, but are often much smaller than in lava rock charbroilers.

We also have gas radiant charbroilers available.

Sizing and Design

As with other countertop cooking equipment, electric grills come in a variety of sizes to accommodate however much space you have. Unit widths are available ranging between 20" and 36".

Electric radiant charbroilers are available in either countertop or drop-in models. Drop-in charbroilers are great for kitchens with extra countertop space. Cutout dimensions are noted on individual product pages, as well as specification sheets.

Countertop models are ideal for food trucks, catering, concessions, and other foodservices. Because of there electrical connection, electric charbroilers are easy to transport and can be used almost anywhere. These compact charbroilers provide similar high quality cooking that floor model charbroilers provide.

This equipment uses simple control knobs and adjustable pilot settings to make it easier for cooks to reliably cook food. With multiple sizes and top manufacturers like Star and Wells, we are sure you can find the right electric radiant charbroiler for your business.

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