Merchandiser Carts

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Transport hot or cold foods easily, while driving sales through visual appeal thanks to one of these excellent merchandiser carts.

Merchandising carts, kiosks, and flex stations can hold a lot of different items in a servable design. Carts differ by sizes, numbers of wells, holding compartments, and storage space. These units can be used to transport ready-to-serve foods, both hot and cold. Once at their destination, the merchandising cart can be used to sell and serve delicious foods.

Similar to merchandising carts, Burkett has a wide array of mobile buffet stations. These units make transporting and serving food pans easy. These units are available in hot, cold, iced, induction, and utility.


Polyethylene construction ensures that these merchandisers will last for years to come and be easy to clean and maintain by kitchen staff. After each use, these merchandiser kiosks are easy to spray down and clean, eliminating contamination issues. Sizing may range depending upon model.

Casters are equipped to the bottoms of all of these great food kiosks. Movable wheels make transporting the unit easy, while the lockable casters allow you to lock the unit in place to ensure no unwanted movement.


With multiple wells and holding compartments, there is so much that you can do with these merchandiser carts. They can be used to hold servable hot or cold food pans depending on whether the unit is heated or refrigerated. Most of the kiosk carts and flex stations can hold multiple different sized pans and finished products.

Whether you want an umbrella or canopy to cover your cart or not, these merchandiser carts are excellent for concession stands, catering companies, restaurants and other foodservice businesses looking to mobility serve foods.

Flex Stations

Flex stations have become more popular as carry-out and to-go orders are used more today than ever. Flex stations can hold anything from extra ingredients to to-go orders for customers to quickly pickup. These stations are always great for giving delivery drivers a single space where they can pick up food quickly without needing extra kitchen staff assistance.

Our selection of flex stations offers you a good variety in size and quantity that can be held. Some mobile flex stations even come with promotional signage. These stations have become more and more useful for restaurants who do pick-up orders. Whether you need a merchandiser kiosk cart or a mobile flex station, we offer a nice selection of both to help you select the right merchandiser cart for your business.

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