Food Pan Carrier Carts

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Transport hot food pans safely and with ease thanks to insulated food pan carrier carts!

Food pan carrier carts are an essential item for catering operations, banquet halls, cafeterias, and any establishment looking to serve their meals in places far from their kitchens. These food carrier carts are designed with robust walls and great insulation to keep food temperatures stable and reduce heat loss. Rest assured that your foods will stay out of risky situations while you take them to your event thanks to this insulated carrier design.


We provide either single or double stack insulated food pan carrier carts. Single sectioned food pan carts are great for moving low volumes of hot pans, while the double sectioned carrier carts will provide you with a higher volume of space. With a wide variety of options, you can choose the model that best fits your production volume.

Food Pan Capacity

As you would guess, food pan capacity is directly affected by the number of sections your food pan carrier cart has. Double section carts will have higher capacities, usually allowing for around 2 dozen sheet trays, or a dozen 2.5" deep full size pans. To be sure you have the appropriate sized pans, check out our great selection here: baking sheet pans and commercial cookware.

Cart Construction

We have heated food pan carriers for transporting fresh hot pans to a buffet or across campus for a catering event, and unheated food pan carriers for reloading salad bars or delivering fresh deli sandwiches to concession stands. Secure latches come standard on each cabinet, and hold doors securely in place while reducing heat loss. The smaller units are light enough to be carried by kitchen staff or placed on a food cart dolly. For increased convenience, most insulated carriers are mounted on casters.

Many models are NSF Listed for simple cleaning and sanitization to maintain healthy conditions. Check out top loading food pan carriers for more options of top brand name food pan transporting equipment.

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