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Dish & Tray Dispensers

Wondering what to do with all those plates and glasses? How can you store or move many of them at one time? A dish dolly may be the solution to all these problems. These Dish Dollies & Dispensers provide easy access and storage of your dishes, whether you have a load of plates or a pile of glasses. Dish & Tray Dispensers are great additions to busy commercial kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dish & Tray Dispensers:

What size plates can I put in here?

Sizes vary by model. The typical maximum size for plates and platters is 14 1/2" while some models can handle trays up to 26". Each model has a description which will contain the product specifications.

Which drop in dish dispenser is the easiest to clean?

Open units are easier to clean, generally speaking, but all dish dispensers that we offer are NSF approved to be made of approved materials and capable of maintaining sanitation requirements. Many units recommend cleaning with simple soap and water.