Commercial Batch Freezers

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Craft batches of custom gelato, frozen yogurt, or ice cream flavors with a commercial batch freezer.

Mixing your own ice cream in house allows you greater control over the flavor, consistency, and amount of ice cream produced. Commercial batch feezers, also known as hard ice cream makers, take the guess work out of creating the perfect frozen treat. Digital timers, transparent lids, and self-contained refrigeration units help make the process easier. Most units will feature a stainless steel mixing paddle to perfectly combine ingredients and incorporate air into your ice cream as it mixes for a high-quality product. Built-in compressors save time since the unit won't require pre-freezing before use. Removable mixing bowls make it easy to remove and store product until it's ready to be sold. Provide custom flavors and mix-in toppings and take control of the creation of your business's ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato with a commercial ice cream maker. These ice cream machines are small but mighty and create the perfect sweet treat that can be as simple or complex as you desire.

What is the difference between a commercial batch freezer and a soft serve ice cream machine?

A batch freezer or hard ice cream maker can produce a variety of types of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. The machine will create a batch in a small tub that is removable to place in a freezer where it can be scooped and served in any way you like. This type of ice cream is sometimes referred to as hard ice cream. A soft serve ice cream machine is different in that it creates a soft ice cream that is dispensed as needed and constantly being stirred. You cannot remove soft ice cream and place it in a separate freezer like you can with a batch freezer. Determining which style of ice cream making you will need depends on what kind of ice cream you wish to serve - or you may even choose to include both types of ice cream on your menu!

Other Ice Cream Equipment

If you’re planning to serve ice cream in a commercial setting, it is essential that you have the perfect equipment and supplies to do so. Making your own fresh batches of ice cream is a great way to start, but check out other options like soft serve ice cream machines. For merchandising and displaying your ice cream, Burkett also offers a variety of drop-in and standalone ice cream dipping cabinets. If you want to really up your ice cream game, check out a frost top / cold slab that provides a cold counterspace for mixing toppings and flavors of ice cream together without allowing the ice cream to become warm and melt before serving.

Also be sure you have all of the supplies you need for serving ice cream. Burkett has all of the ice cream scoops, cone dispensers, topping stations, condiment pumps, and dipper wells that you need to serve the perfect ice cream sundae.