Commercial Undercounter Dual Temp

Dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combos are a freezer and refrigerator in one compact cabinet.

Dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combos are one of the most popular types of commercial refrigeration because of their versatility and small footprint. Space is valuable in a commercial kitchen. Having a refrigerator or freezer near cook and prep areas can save on time during peak business hours. Refrigerator freezer combo units are the most efficient way to store ready-to-cook, or serve, food items. Undercounter combo units tuck neatly under existing countertops to maximize storage in smaller spaces. These versatile units come in two or three section models with a separated refrigerated compartment and freezer compartment. Their capacity to store a wide variety of food products makes undercounter refrigerator freezer combo units a great choice for restaurants with limited space or complex menus. For a larger dual temp option, check out our selection of reach-in commercial refrigerator/freezer combos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Temp Undercounter Refrigerator Freezer Combos

Where can I put a dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combos?

Since these units are designed to be compact and convenient, there aren't a lot of limits for where they can be installed in your commercial kitchen. Decide where it will be most beneficial to the flow of work to have access to a side by side fridge and freezer unit. The only limit for installation will be the clearance needed for proper air flow. With a side or rear breathing compressor, your undercounter fridge freezer combo will need to have at least 6" of clearance to ensure air flow is not restricted. If the unit is front breathing, you won't have to worry about air flow.

How do I install a dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combo?

Installation is simple with these units. Most undercounter refrigerators and freezers come with casters that allow them to be easily rolled into place. It's important to ensure that the unit is functioning properly before stocking it with food. A good rule of thumb is to monitor interior temperatures for about 12 hours before use.

What temperature is a dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combo?

Since these units house a refrigerator and freezer in separate sections, each zone will hold a different temperature range. For additional temperature monitoring, it is always a great idea to have an additional thermometer in your unit along with the built-in one.

  • Refrigerated - Like other commercial refrigerators, the refrigerated section will hold temperatures in the range of 33°F - 41°F. These temperatures may vary slightly based on factory settings, but will always fall below the 41°F mark for food safety.
  • Frozen - Commercial freezers hold temperatures in the range of -10°F - 0°F to keep frozen foods perfectly preserved.

Can I prep food on a dual temp undercounter refrigerator freezer combos?

The stainless steel top of these units may seem durable enough to withstand food prep. However, unless your dual temp undercounter refrigerator or freezer is specifically rated to be used as a prep surface, it is not safe to prep food on the top of the unit. Prepping food on a non-rated surface can lead to damage to the exterior of your refrigerator, and more importantly, food contamination. Prep surfaces are specifically manufactured to be resistant to scratches or damage that can harbor bacteria since they cannot be properly cleaned once compromised. For a refrigerator or freezer that can double as a prep surface, check out our selection of worktop refrigerators and freezers.

Other Refrigeration Options

Burkett has a variety of other refrigeration options available if you have different needs than undercounter refrigerators and freezers can offer. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers offer more storage, while walk-in refrigerators and freezers offer the most frozen food storage. Merchandiser refrigerators and freezers are great for showing off your product in self-serve environments. Worktop refrigerators and freezers are very similar to undercounter refrigerators and freezers but provide their own worktop to prepare food on instead of having to go underneath a countertop.