Ice & Water Stations

Ice and water stations allow water glasses to be filled easily in any commercial countertop.

Save space in your kitchen while keeping ice and water at arm’s reach by installing an ice and water station into any countertop or work table. These stations feature ice bins as well as a water spigot that allows water glasses to be easily filled. Some include a basic spigot with a drain below it while others feature a full sink. Ice bins like those in an ice and water station don’t require any kind of refrigeration or electricity, as they function only with insulation. The drop-in style of these stations allows for extremely easy installation. They can sit flush with the worktable or countertop to maximize your workspace. Don’t worry about running between the ice machine and the sink every time you make a drink or taking up valuable floor or countertop space with a traditional ice storage bin or ice dispenser. The ice bins can hold anywhere from 20-90 lbs. of ice at a time, ideal for all different business sizes. Shop drop-in ice bins from great manufacturers like Delfield and Advance Tabco.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice & Water Stations

Are the ice bins in ice and water stations refrigerated?

No, drop-in ice bins are almost never refrigerated. This is the case with the bins in ice and water stations as well. These products are typically insulated to keep ice frozen, but do not have any kind of refrigeration. Select models will have a cold plate to keep the ice frozen longer, but a majority of units use insulation alone.

What kind of plumbing do ice and water stations require?

Ice and water stations require a water inlet as well as a drain. The ice is stored in a simple insulated ice bin, but the glass filler portion is essentially just a sink when it comes to plumbing. Refer to each model’s spec sheet to see specific plumbing requirements.

What kind of insulation is used for ice and water stations?

Polyurethane foam insulation is the most common insulation type used in ice and water stations. This is one of the most popular types of insulation, being used in everything from buildings to small appliances. With foam insulation, ice can be kept frozen for hours.

Do the ice bins have lids?

Yes, the ice bins in ice and water stations do come with lids/covers to keep ice frozen and clean for hours. There are a variety of lid styles - most popularly: sliding, lift-off, and hinged.

Do ice and water stations make ice?

No, the ice bin must be filled from a remote ice machine. Every business is different, but a common procedure is to have an ice machine head and ice storage bin in a remote location in your business and fill the bin of your ice and water station using an ice tote as needed. This keeps the large ice machine out of sight to you’re your workspace free for other use.

Other Ice Storage Options

Ice and water stations are just one of many different ways to store fresh ice in a commercial environment. For large storage under ice machine heads, check out ice storage bins. Similarly, ice dispensers are great for use with ice machine heads but offer contactless ice service. Mobile ice storage for catering and other events without easy electrical access is made simple with mobile ice bins. If you want a drop-in unit without the water spigot, check out drop-in ice bins.