Commercial Ventless Hoods

Commercial ventless hoods are a feasible substitute for expensive hood and ventilation systems.

There's no need to spend extra money on ventilation with one of these great ventless hoods. Commercial cooking equipment can be used without a standard hood system thanks to ventless hood systems. Ventless hood systems can be used in almost any room. They are especially useful in buildings that lack ductwork or proper ventilation.

There are several different types of commercial exhaust hoods. The ventless exhaust hood is one fascinating and intriguing kind of hood. The system for the ventless hood is self-contained. In other words, unlike the majority of hoods, ventless hoods do not require an external framework to be constructed to vent grease and fumes via a wall or ceiling.

A fixed exhaust hood can be a significant obstacle when remodeling or redesigning a kitchen. The ventless hood doesn't have any of these problems, as it can be easily moved around.

With a ventless hood system in your professional kitchen, you can assist with keeping your kitchen and staff clean and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Ventless Hoods

How do ventless hoods work?

Ventless hoods are certified to remove grease-laden air, allowing you to easily and economically comply with your local health and fire codes. These systems suck in the dirty air and use advanced filters to remove grease, smoke and other particles, while circulating clean air back into your kitchen. Best of all, they are incredibly simple to use.

What cooking equipment can you use a ventless hood with?

The air filtering system recirculates air and can fit a variety of cooking equipment sizes. From commercial ovens to commercial fryers, and commercial ranges to commercial broilers, ventless hood systems can be used alongside the most important cooking equipment.

Burkett also offers cooking equipment that already feature a ventless attribute. Ventless ranges and ventless fryers do not require extra ventilation hoods.

Why you should use ventilation hoods?

These ductless hoods are a practical alternative to traditional hoods and ventilation systems. Employees shouldn’t have to walk through a smoky kitchen. This could cause servers or front of house workers to smell of smoke when around customers or guests. A foul, smoky smell could turn off customers appetites or worry them the kitchen is burning food.