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Streamline efficiency and hold hot foods at their proper serving temperatures with an electric steam table.

Gas can be a pain, because there is always a fear of running out of propane, or not having a gas connection available if you go portable. Simply plug these units in and you're off, ready to heat foods for hungry customers. Typically, electricity is cheaper than gas and also does not provide the chance of gas leaks.

Every steam table has a sizable bottom well where water is heated until steam is produced. Food pans are then positioned on top of the water well so that the hot steam may heat them up and keep them at a heated temperature until they are served. Electricity powers the steam process, which can maintain food temperature for a long time.

Portable electric steam tables have a cord and plug for easy installation. These units are perfect for cafeterias, catered events, buffets, and other types of foodservice establishments. Provide your kitchen with extra food warming space with one of these great electric steam tables.

Sizing & Capacity

Electric steam tables come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. First decide whether you want a mobile steam table or a stationary steam table. Steam table atop movable casters offer a versatility stationary cannot. You can move or transport mobile tables anywhere with the proper electrical connection.

Widths for electric steam tables come in range from 26" to 84". The full dimensions of these units can be found on the individual product pages. At Burkett, we offer models from as small as 2 pan capacities up to 5 pan capacities. The mobile tables also range in pan configurations to offer you as much variety as we can.

Check out our collection of commercial food pans to ensure you have the appropriate cookware.

Open or Sealed Wells

An open well or a sealed well are both options for electric steam tables.

  • A well that is open can be filled with water pans, which heat up and produce steam. Alternately, you might use no water at all and utilize the well to cook the food pans directly with dry hot air.
  • By allowing you to pour water directly into the well and place food pans right over that steaming water, sealed well steam tables do away with the need for water pans.

Steam Table Bases

Most of these steam tables come with open bases to give you extra storage for quick and easy access to serving utensils or cleaning materials. Storage shelves can be adjusted to allow different sized items to fit underneath.

Multiple units come equipped with a plate shelf under the wells and above the temperature control. This is very convenient as it allows you to load up plates for customers right under where they or kitchen staff will be serving food. This cuts down on the need for dish dollies and allows customers to grab their plate and food all in one spot.

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