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Chef Base Refrigerators & Freezers

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Chef bases, also known as refrigerated equipment stands have a heavy duty worktop surface and refrigerated base with drawers. The worktop acts as an equipment stand that can endure the weight and heat dispersed by cooking equipment, such as commercial griddles and commercial charbroilers. The chef bases drawers provide chefs with a place to keep often needed meats, vegetables, and other pre-prepped foods safely refrigerated beneath for immediate use.

Do chef bases come with pans included?

No, food pans and food pan adaptors must be purchased separately.

What is the maximum weight a chef base can hold?

It's always best to consult your specification sheet or owners manual to confirm weight tolerance.

How much space will I need for a chef base?

The amount of available space you have is important when considering the right base for your business. Most chef bases come with two, four or six storage drawers. Typically, the wider the unit, the more drawers it will have. Be sure to measure the space where you’d like to place the unit to ensure you’re ordering the correct size chef base. When positioning the chef base, take note of any air vents it has and leave a few inches of clearance for proper air flow. If the air vents are blocked or dirty, the compressor motor could burn out, requiring costly repairs. Since all refrigerated equipment stands come with wheels, repositioning should not be a problem if you find the intended space is not ideal for your kitchen workflow or needs more room for air flow.

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