Chef Base Refrigerators & Freezers

Chef Base Refrigerators

Chef base refrigerators offer convenient refrigerated storage, as well as additional countertop space. The tops of these refrigerators are designed for countertop cooking equipment like griddles and fryers, allowing you to maximize your kitchen space.

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Chef Base Refrigerators

Chef Base Freezers

Chef base freezers can give your kitchen extra freezer space, while also keeping foods and ingredients in an easy to grab location. Available in a variety of sizes.

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Chef Base Freezers

Store food at the cook line with a chef base refrigerator or freezer.

Keep ready to cook meats, vegetables, and other ingredients cooled and within reach using a chef base refrigerator or freezer. The worktop of these units acts as an equipment stand that can endure the weight and heat dispersed by cooking equipment, such as commercial charbroilers, griddles, and hot plates. These chef bases allow your kitchen to operate more efficiently by cutting down on unnecessary trips to the walk-in. Keep your kitchen running smoothly all day long with a chef base refrigerator or freezer.

When shopping for a chef base it is important to consider how many pieces of cooking equipment you would like to install. Burkett offers a variety of different shapes, sizes, and storage capacity to best suit your commercial kitchen's needs. Most of our chef base units operate with drawer access to keep your food organized and in easy reach for cooks to use throughout peak service times. Traditional equipment stands are one option to consider when designing a cook station, but if your business is looking to maximize available space, a chef base freezer may be the right fit. Utilize every square inch in your commercial kitchen to improve workflow with a chef base refrigerator.

Chef base refrigerator & freezer buying considerations

  • Size - Our smallest chef bases fall in the range of 26" - 37" in width, while larger units can measure up to 170" wide. Determine the dimensions of the countertop cooking equipment you'll be installing before purchasing your chef base. Don't overlook the overall height of the cook station. The listed height of your chef base freezer does not account for added height of any equipment placed on top of the unit.
  • Environment - Since these refrigeration units are designed to hold cooking equipment, they are capable of holding food-safe temperatures in higher ambient temperatures. You will still need to ensure the proper clearance for air flow, so be sure to note the refrigeration system's location, and dedicate space for breathing. It will also be beneficial to implement a regular cleaning schedule to ensure the compressor is not overloaded since chef bases are some of the hardest working refrigerators in a commercial kitchen.
  • Ventilation - Since cooking equipment will be stored and used on top of your chef base, you'll want to make sure there is plenty of space for this unit to sit underneath your ventilation hoods. Cooking equipment stored outside of the hoods will lead to a much hotter and more dangerous cooking environment. Many commercial cooktops use gas connections to operate and heat food, which requires proper ventilation to ensure your staff's safety.
  • Flat vs. Raised edge - Raised edges on a chef base help contain spills as well as keep cooking equipment from sliding when in use. Flat edges allow you to maximize working space in smaller environments.
  • Storage needs - Balancing your available space and necessary equipment to create the perfect work flow can be a difficult task. Consider storage needs both for food items and cooking equipment such as stock pots, pans, and utensils when building your perfect cook line. A chef base refrigerator is great for keeping fresh product nearby to be cooked, but they do not provide the same cookware storage as a standard equipment table would.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Chef Base Refrigerators & Freezers

    What can I store in a chef base refrigerator/freezer?

    Most commonly chefs will choose to store burgers, steaks, chicken, and other meats in a chef base refrigerator or freezer. Based on your kitchen's most popular items, you can decide what will be most beneficial to have close by. It is important to note that while these units are NSF certified, they are not designed to hold food products over night or for extended periods of time. Best practice is to remove all food items after service to ensure product is being rotated properly, and your chef base is properly sanitized after each use.

    Why should I buy a chef base refrigerator/freezer?

    These commercial refrigeration units are designed to boost workflow and help chefs keep often used food products near the cookline. A chef base freezer can hold your kitchen's griddle, hot plate, char broiler, and more, while simultaneously storing the foods cooked on those items within reach. Their low profile allows equipment to sit on top and creates the perfect height for your cookline.

    How much space will I need for a chef base refrigerator/freezer?

    The amount of available space you have is important when considering the right chef base for your business. Most chef bases come with two, four or six storage drawers. Typically, the wider the unit, the more drawers it will have. Be sure to measure the space where you’d like to place the unit to ensure you’re ordering the correct size refrigerated chef base. When positioning the chef base, take note of any air vents it has and leave a few inches of clearance for proper air flow. If the air vents are blocked or dirty, the compressor motor could burn out, requiring costly repairs. Since all refrigerated equipment stands come with wheels, repositioning should not be a problem if you find the intended space is not ideal for your kitchen workflow or needs more room for air flow.

    Are food pans included?

    Chef base refrigerators and freezers do not include food pans. These, along with any other accessory you may need, should be purchased separately.