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Freezer Merchandisers

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Frozen items can be tricky to effectively merchandise and display. Luckily, Burkett has an incredible selection of display freezers that will show off a variety of frozen products and still keep them cold and delicious. All of our merchandising freezers attractively display a wide variety of frozen products and are a great way to showcase everything from tasty ice cream treats to frozen appetizers and dinners. In fact, they all are equipped with interior lighting to attractively display the product inside and many are available with customizable lighted signs and graphics to really attract customer attention. Additionally, many of these commercial display freezers are also available with slanted, merchandising shelves and a variety of adjustable shelf guides to further enhance product presentation to your customers.

Best of all, at Burkett, we carry both countertop display freezers and larger, upright display freezers to let you display frozen products almost anywhere. Our countertop display freezers are perfect for point-of-sale merchandising and for smaller cafés and diners with limited space. The larger display freezers, on the other hand, are best for convenience stores and supermarkets that need to attractively display and merchandise a lot of frozen product. No matter what size or style you need, however, we are sure to have the perfect display freezer for you!

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