Refrigerated Deli Cases

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Refrigerated deli cases are ideal for displaying cold cuts, cheeses, and other deli items.

These units can be used in grocery stores, specialty shops, and sandwich shops to properly store and display packaged food items. Some refrigerated deli cases come with additional shelves to maximize the available product display space. The shelves can usually be set at a slight angle for increased product visibility. Since most compressors are located in the front or rear of the units, additional clearance isn't needed on the sides for airflow. Interior lighting, cantilevered shelving systems, self-closing doors, and dual pane glass for energy efficiency make these units great for your budget as well as your deli products. Check your unit's spec sheet to see what features are offered.

We carry a wide selection of configurable deli cases, including models with full-service or self-service options. If you serve sliced or block cheeses, deli meats, sandwiches, salads, or other pre-packaged meals, a refrigerated deli display case is perfect for displaying and selling your products. Choose the perfect deli case from top brands like True Manufacturing and Turbo Air.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerated Deli Cases

What temperature does a refrigerated deli case hold?

A refrigerated deli case typically holds temperatures between 33 and 41°F, which is the ideal holding temperature for cold deli products like meats and cheeses.

What is the difference between a refrigerated bakery case and a deli case?

While both styles of refrigerators hold about the same temperature range and function similarly, they are not always interchangeable. Bakery cases are meant to keep moisture levels low, keeping baked goods crisp and fresh. Deli cases, on the other hand, have higher moisture levels. This is better to keep meats and cheeses from drying out.

What is the difference between straight glass and curved glass cases?

The difference is simply in appearances. Curved glass displays have a sleeker appearance and can help customers see products more clearly by reducing glare and reflections. However, they are usually more expensive than straight glass.

What are some common features available with refrigerated deli cases?

  • Lighted interiors/shelves: helps you to showcase your products more effectively
  • Adjustable shelves: allows for merchandising of various size products at different times
  • Humidity controls: keeps moisture levels high enough to avoid products drying out
  • Casters: allows for easy movement of display cases for changing setups as well as cleaning under and around the unit

Other refrigerated merchandising options

Refrigerated deli cases may be a convenient way to display refrigerated deli products, but Burkett also has a variety of other great merchandising options. Refrigerated bakery display cases hold the same temperatures, but have a lower moisture level to keep baked goods fresh. Dual zone bakery display cases are half non-refrigerated, half refrigerated to store all variety of baked goods. Dry bakery cases offer the same great display functions but without the refrigeration. If you’re looking for a smaller option for your checkout line or countertop, a dry countertop bakery display case or refrigerated countertop display case is a great option. Find the perfect merchandiser refrigerators and freezers for all of your needs at Burkett Restaurant Supply.