Glass Door Merchandiser Freezers

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With a glass door merchandiser freezer, customers can find what they need without opening the door.

These commercial freezers provide convenience to customers as they shop. They also function as a marketing tool thanks to their high visibility. Merchandiser freezers can help boost sales since products are on display as customers walk by. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and ice cream shops all use these commercial merchandisers to showcase products. Whether you're looking to store ice cream cakes, frozen pizzas, or other frozen treats, our selection of merchandiser freezers is sure to have the right fit for your business. Burkett has glass door merchandiser freezers of all different sizes from top brands like True Manufacturing, Turbo Air, and SEAGATE Products.

Buying Considerations

  • Compressor Location - Any time you purchase a commercial refrigerator or freezer, you'll want to consider the compressor location. Since the unit's compressor is a vital part of how efficiently and effectively it can run, it's best to understand the difference between a top mounted and bottom mounted compressor. Top mounted compressors require less cleaning than bottom mounted units, since they don't suck up as much dirt from the floor. However, with a top mounted compressor, you won't be able to store anything on top of the unit. Bottom mounted compressors may become dirty faster, but are easier to reach for cleaning and maintenance. This design also raises the bottom shelf in the unit for "no stoop" access.
  • Size - It's especially important to ensure you have the right size merchandiser freezer so it doesn't become overcrowded. We offer a selection of one, two, and three section units to accommodate your storage needs, big and small. We even offer countertop units to hold grab-and-go products near the point of sale!
  • Interior Lighting - Since these merchandiser freezers are designed to catch the eye of customers and boost impulse buys, lighting is important. Check your unit's spec sheet to see where the lighting is positioned. Common locations include shelf mounted or cabinet mounted. Most new models feature LED lighting for improved energy costs and brilliant display.
  • Drainage - Built-in interior drains make cleaning and defrosting your merchandiser freezer easy. Spills are quickly cleaned and excess water won't leak onto the floor. However, it's important to note that having an interior drain will most likely mean that your merchandiser freezer is not rated to store open food products.
  • Exterior Finish - Burkett's selection of merchandiser freezers offers options for black or white laminated steel exteriors. These permanent and durable finishes won't show smudges and are corrosion resistant. Choose the perfect exterior construction based on your existing equipment and aesthetic preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Door Merchandiser Freezers

What temperature is a merchandiser freezer?

Commercial freezers are designed to hold temperatures at or below 0°F. Unlike residential models, these higher power units keep food frozen at a lower temperature to eliminate the possibility of bacteria growth.

Can I store open food products in a glass door merchandiser freezer?

Each unit will indicate what type of food holding it's rated for in the spec sheet. If your merchandiser freezer has an interior drainage system, chances are that it won't be approved to hold open food items. It's a good idea to determine what type of food products you want to display in your merchandiser freezer before making a purchase.

Other Refrigeration Options

Merchandiser freezers are just one of the many ways to store frozen food items in a commercial environment. Reach-in freezers are similar in shape to merchandisers, but are made for back-of-house use and typically have solid doors (though some do feature glass doors). Merchandise refrigerated items with a glass door merchandiser refrigerator that matches your freezer for a consistent look. For more refrigerated merchandising options, check out our selection of open air merchandisers, dry and refrigerated display cases, or chest freezers. For commercial refrigeration suited for open food products, see our reach-in refrigerators or reach-in freezers.