Countertop Refrigerated Prep Rails

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Organize ingredients for quick service with a countertop refrigerated prep rail.

Countertop refrigerated prep rails are a great option to conveniently store fresh ingredients for quick and easy food assembly. These durable, portable, refrigerated countertops can be used for back of house food assembly or for self-service applications in place of traditional sandwich prep tables. Take your countertop refrigerated prep rail with you to catered events to keep ingredients cold over a long period of time, or set it near your restaurant's self service station to allow guests to portion their meal exactly how they like it. Keep food items safely chilled while on display with a refrigerated prep rail.

Burkett offers several variations for this piece of commercial refrigeration equipment. From compact refrigerated prep rails that hold a few food pans, to larger models that can hold a dozen or more different food items at once, we have the perfect fit for your operation. Most of our countertop refrigerated prep rails have side mounted refrigeration systems that allow them to be placed anywhere they're needed without restricting air flow. Choose from models that have attached lids, or reach in configurations that support quick service without a lid in the way. Also be sure to purchase the right tools for serving from your refrigerated countertop prep rail, including serving spoons, portion servers, and plastic squeeze bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Countertop Refrigerated Prep Rails

How large of a countertop do you need to fit a countertop refrigerated prep rail?

The depth of a countertop rail varies from model to model, but typically is between 13" and 30". You will want to ensure the countertop or table you place your rail on has a larger depth than the rail, so you have additional room to prepare food on the countertop.

Are food pans included with my countertop refrigerated prep rail?

While most countertop refrigerated prep rails do not come with food pans, select models do include them. Whether or not the model you select has food pans included, by sure to purchase additional pans in various sizes. Refrigerated countertop prep stations can take both metal and plastic food pans, so it is entirely up to your preference and what kind of food you are storing. Plastic pans are translucent for easily seeing the contents of the pan, while stainless steel pans are not. Stainless steel pans also tend to warp and not lay flat after time. Stainless steel pans are versatile, as they can be easily transferred between different temperature environments. Both styles of food pan are great for use in countertop refrigerated prep rails, so choose your food pan style based on your preference. You can even have a mix of both plastic and metal pans.

Other Refrigeration Options

In addition to a countertop refrigerated prep rail, other refrigeration options for convenient access of cold food storage in any busy commercial kitchen include undercounter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, and reach-in refrigerators. For more permanent preparation fixtures, Burkett also has a large selection of sandwich and salad prep tables as well as pizza prep tables.