Commercial Electric Griddles

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Take your grilling capabilities when traveling thanks to commercial electric griddles.

A commercial electric griddle is perfect for you cafés, restaurants, food trucks, or concession stands. These griddles heat up and cool down more slowly than their gas counterparts because heating elements are built into the plates. But this design is ideal for usage in places where gas is not an option or in restaurants where electricity is a more affordable resource.

Electric griddles are for fast paced, rapid heating and cooling environments. Electric models tend to heat up quicker and have less cold zone areas than traditional gas models, making electric models a great way to go when you need to cook evenly on all parts of your cooking surface. Grill up breakfast in a snap with a top notch electric griddle.

Temperature Controls

These commercial electric griddles come in thermostatic or manual controls. Thermostatic controls are usually preferred as they give chefs a more complete control over the exact temperatures they're looking for. Manual controls are more general, using a low, medium, and high temperature control.

Users can select the cooking temperatures they want to utilize, typically between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Most electric flat-top grills are built with snap-action thermostats. These can keep griddle surfaces within 15 degrees Fahrenheit of their set temperatures, providing a good balance between accuracy and affordability. Thermostatic griddle controllers come in three different categories.

  • Modulating - keep temperatures accurate within 30 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit of the set temperature.
  • Snap-action - keep temperatures accurate within 15 degrees Fahrenheit of the set temperature.
  • Solid-state - Keep temperatures accurate within 5 degrees Fahrenheit of the set temperature.

Commercial electric griddle power is measured in watts as opposed to BTUs, which is how a gas griddle's heat output is expressed. Higher wattage means the equipment can keep a hotter plate. We offer units compatible with 120, 220, and 240 volts.


Our selection of commercial electric griddles has a wide range of widths and depths, so that you can find the right size to fit in your kitchen setup. From small 15" wide griddles to large 36" griddles, at Burkett we have the options that will work best for your businesses needs.

Installing a commercial electric griddle in your kitchen will allow you to prepare tasty meals without using up space on your stove or full size grill. These products are wonderful for any size kitchen because of their small size and ability to fit nicely on your countertop, chef base, or equipment stand. The majority of these griddles are supported by four durable legs that lift them off surfaces for simple cleaning. Some models even have undershelves for added storage.

Griddle Plate Thickness

We offer heavy-duty units with thicker plates that are better suited for cooking frozen foods and meats, as well as standard-duty versions with thinner plates that are perfect for handling more delicate breakfast foods. Griddle plate thickness varies by models but is usually between 1/2" to 1" thick. Heavy-duty griddle tops are usually at least 1" thick.

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